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Have you ever been frustrated when you repeatedly tried to change old habits? Do your New Year's Resolutions turn into dust year after year?

My name is Ayesha and I work with people to understand the forces that hold them back and to allow them to reach their higher spiritual, emotional, and physical potentials.

I started out in New York City....moved to Yale for graduate work and then taught in England. I lived in an intentional spiritual community for 8 years and left to work in the world at large. After living for 5 years in Central Montana I moved to Las Vegas where I help people discover their full potential through my passions for teaching, music, and healing.

I have worked as a corporate trainer and consulted with Fortune 500 companies, but found that I loved the joy of working on my own to bring my special gift of spiritual insight, music, and healing to people.


I choose to work with those who are most challenged. I have taught in prisons, worked with immigrants, and written short stories. I work with students with learning disabilities and connect them to success.


Have you ever experienced the joy as people find wholeness in singing, performing, and listening to their inner rhythms? I love to enjoy the changes in the faces of those who have walked away from spiritual and emotional pain through my music. I write, perform and accompany myself on my favorite guitar. In addition, I love to play the autoharp, bodhran and dumbek.


In my early 30s while living in the quaint Cornish village of Stithians, I learned that I could touch people or use my auric energy with healing results. Over the years I have studied Accupressure, spiritual counseling,yoga, Attunement, aromatherapy,and Bach Flower Remedies. I have mastered Human Design and find my clients respond to it and are able to gain powerful insights almost immediately.

These tools can be used singly or in combination to connect people to their ideal renewing energy source.

Which ones will work best for you? Contact me for more information or to set up a complimentary pre-consultation.


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